Caddisfly Facts

Caddisfly Facts

Caddisfly Caddisflies are small insects with two pairs of wings, have aquatic  larvae and are found in a wide variety of habitats such as streams, rivers, l akes, and ponds.There are about 12,000 species of caddiflies.

Most caddisfly complete their lifecycle in one year spending almost all of it  underwater only to emerge for a few weeks to a month at most.

This is a case making caddisfly. Case-making caddis flies may build cases  exclusively of silk, but more commonly the silk holds together substrate  materials such as small fragments of rock, sand, small pieces of twig or  aquatic plants.

Caddisfly cases are open at both ends, the larva drawing oxygenated water through the posterior end, over their gills, and out of the wider anterior end.

Their front ends project from their larval tubes, allowing them to walk while dragging their cases along with them.

Caddisflies are an important food source all year but during the hatch trout will focus on these easy targets.

Learn what caddisflies are in your area and use the nymph all year and the adult dry fly during the hatch.