4 More Tips on Fly Fishing for Carp

4 More Tips on Fly Fishing for Carp

by Drew Price


Take the time to observe carp behavior. Watch for a while. Become familiar with their tendencies. Carp have a lot of different behavior patterns that can help you decide which fish are worth fishing for. Here are some clues:

  • Fish splashing around on the surface – indicates spawners which don’t take flies. Find some more fish to fish for. Fun to watch but really frustrating.
  • Sunbathers (fish sitting quietly near the surface) – can sometimes take. Get a small unweighted fly near their face and hope for the best.
  • Pods of carp moving fast – don’t bother.
  • Pods of carp moving slowly – get flies in front of them. Make sure the flies are at the right depth. This applies to single carp moving slowly too.
  • Carp with their heads down, tails up and mud coming up around them – the game is on! Get something on the bottom in front of them and you are in for some fun!

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